Monday, September 21, 2015

Another round of surgery to be

Life has been rather crazy and forgot to post about the fact that I get to go under the knife again.

Oct. 5th I get to have tubes put in my ears AGAIN!

I'm 33 (not ashamed or embarrased by that fact!) and can't believe that I still need these!

I had my first set when I was 13yrs old - I never realized how hard of hearing I was!

The last couple of years I knew that my hearing was decreasing but was kinda in denial

But with all the other issues I have going on I figured I might as well get that dealt with (plus the whack a doodle immunologist suggested I see one again) with all my sinus and ear infections (plus when I moved to where I am now I never got a new one and the one in my hometown died when I was like 16 (I think)

So when I went to this new ENT (whom I really like) she suggested that I try this new med that I spray up my nose - but turns out that that med is like $100+ and it's not guaranteed to work - so when I saw her again (b/c she only returned my calls once and we missed each other) I explained this and so we've decided that surgery is our next best bet

So now I get to go under the knife - but hopefully it will deal with my issues and help improve my hearing

On the other side....

I saw her after seeing the good immunologist (who didn't do anything but suggest that my ENT do something) and when I relayed that the immunologist wanted HER to do testing on me things went a little weird..... she had NO idea what I was telling her about!

She ended up having to call one of the specialty hospitals to speak to another ENT to inquire about this VERY specific/rare test that the immunologist suggested that I have done => ciliary movement disorder/testing

Knowing my issues I doubt that it will come back positive but at least we can check off one that I DON'T have!

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