Monday, September 28, 2015

What 40 degrees Celcius looks like in picture form

Little tyke is LOVING Pakistan - still affirms that she's not returning (at least not anytime soon!) cuz she's having too much fun!

We're getting snippits of updates for little tyke's activities - I'm hoping that when my other two BIL's and the one SIL is heading over there that I will get more pictures of what's going on and such.

Little tyke said it's hot there - according to MIL it's 40+ degrees and so it's quite warm. So as a way to cool off they headed to the local watering hole to cool off - this is what they found...

She was LOVING every second of it! Just hope she doesn't get Giardia or something from it!

It's kinda hard to make the time difference work for us to talk on a regular basis - it's expensive for them to call here and we never know whose house they're going to be at visiting and depending on the city that they're in determines whether there's internet that would be good enough to support skype and it be clear and smooth.

Today I got to talk to her - she just got to my MIL's older brother's house after having a 10+hr bus ride. She said that she slept the entire ride except for anough time to eat some chips! HA - what a girl!

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