Saturday, January 2, 2016

The blows keep coming

I was woken up yesterday to be told by Oc Health (OH) of the new job that I am NOT immune to mumps and either rubella or measles (remember, I was woken from my slumber - the brain wasn't moving high enough to process and remember everything - and the last two would suck to get if pregnant at the time!) - no surprise there.... we knew that I lose my immunity, but what would OH say about this mess? Because I've seen an immunologist and can demonstrate that although I've been immunized MANY times it cannot be sustained and have documentation regarding this, OH was ok with this as long as I sent it to them.

The other blow came from work itself.... I've lost my first patient - during my shift - about 2 hrs into it actually. The good thing was was at least the pt was DNR with an order for "nurse to pronounce". The blow isn't soo much that I am no longer a death virgin but that the poor pt had just decided on Monday that they would agree to go to hospice (they were dying from cancer) and on Wednesday had caught a virus that did this person in.

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