Friday, January 29, 2016

Visiting my primary physician turns up something interesting

Went for follow up with my primary doc about my wound culture results to find something interesting:

E-coli (not that surprising considering the wound culture is a perianal abcess) but the interesting part is that it's HIGHLY resistant to antibiotics... the only thing it's sensitive to is Gentamicin. Thing is, current literature states that you don't want to really give Gent now a days because of the connection to hearing loss plus it is harsh on the gut and will increase the chances of developing C-diff.

The other thing that turned up is Group C Strep which I was surprised about. Thankfully it's sensitive to penicillin so my doc easily gave me a script to cover that.

But now the conundrum about what to do about the Gent.... considering this is like my 4th abcess, it's important that we use the correct antibiotics if we hope to get rid of it once and for all. So my doc consulted an infectious disease doc but because it was 3pm on a friday didn't reach them so now we wait til we hear back from said person - probably monday.

For now I will take my Amoxil and at least treat the Strep. And perhaps I will take some lactobacillus to ensure that my gut still has some healthy bacteria when we're done sorting all this out! Wish me luck!!!

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  1. Oh my goodness lady! I pray that you will have healing from all of these health problems. It seems like you just keep getting hit and I am so terribly sorry about that. I hope you begin to feel better and that the L-rd will fix all of these problems. Keep strong and keep praying. May you find rest soon from the constant troubles and healing from every one of your health troubles.