Tuesday, November 29, 2016

A tad bit backwards

I've said it before but I'll say it again, I'm Canadian.

I complete my US based BSN program in just over two weeks - WOW! Shocking consdering the hoops I've had to jump over to get to this point.

That being said, I still have hoops upon hoops to jump through. I have a job waiting for me - pretty much my dream position!

In order to get said position I have to get a US license in the state that I need to. HOWEVER, said state won't even let me write the NCLEX because I don't have a social security number (SSN) but I can't get that until I have my NCLEX written and receive my visa.... so how in the WORLD am I expected to get this license then you ask? Well I have to write my NCLEX in another state and then get my visa in order to request endorsement from the state that I actually want to work in.

Ass backwards isn't it all?!

Yesterday I called said state I want to work in because they require that I get a background check and fingerprinting done - but that I am supposed to request endorsement FIRST.

Problem is is that because I graduate in December, everywhere closes over the holidays and thus I lose valuable weeks in getting my authorization to test (ATT)... then I have to actually TAKE the exam, get my results (hopefully a pass on the 1st try) then get my visa - so that I can have the SSN in order to even apply for endorsement..... all before the beginning of February!!!

Oh ya, and to top this all off, the stupid visa ppl say that they need how many hours of clinical I have done in certain areas or else they won't give me the visa - so now I have to contact the school I went to before for my practical nursing and where I did the most of my BSN previously. When I talked to them last they said that it would take 8-10 WEEKS (Like WTH?! It doesn't take long to look through a few course outlines and make calculations to fill out the required paperwork - 8-10 DAYS I would think would be more than sufficient). If it seriously took them that long I'm going to be screwed for getting my job started when I'm supposed to.

Geeze why must it be so complicated?! Can't anything in my life be straightforward and simple???

I did forget to mention that I had contacted the other BON to see if I could get the background check and fingerprinting package sent me now so that I could get this done and have it waiting for the endorsement and then when I'm ready, I don't have to wait for the package to be sent to me, me to get it done and then to have it sent back to them.... which of course would take time I just do NOT have.... and thank GOD he was listening and this person actually agreed to it!!!! So this person is sending it to me so that I can get it done (hopefully while I'm in the US for my grad cuz everything has to be done in the US - which I do not currently live in!) and it won't delay things later on.... we shall see.

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  1. As someone who has had to fight the NCLEX and state nursing boards, it is a f*cking nightmare. This whole process needs a complete over-hall in every damn state. No part of the process makes sense because you need everything else in the process done before moving on to the next step. However, the next step is impossible because another step that requires a certain step is also required by said step. You can't get anything done and the damned state board takes frickin forever because there are maybe 2 people to process all of the PAPERwork that is sent in via snail mail on any given day. This snail mail gets lost frequently, and blames on the school, which is bullsh*t because the school sent paperwork to you and the board at the exact same time.

    Regardless, I digress from my nightmare of nursing board situation. I pray that yours is as painless and fast-streamed as possible.

    So excited for your next steps and opportunities!!!