Saturday, November 12, 2016

Post immunologist

I saw him and reviewed the bloodwork. Nothing too abnormal, my IgG subclass 1 is still low but it's higher than the last time. The total IgG was normal though so nothing will do anything about it. He was perplexed why one of the tests that he really wanted done - the oxidative burst assay - wasn't done when I had all that bloodwork, or at least he didn't get any results and of course the physician that okays this test (or something like that), is not available for another two weeks. My Dr sent an email but also told me to contact him in two weeks to see whether he got results or whether I have to do this test all over again. Sooooooo frustrating!

BUT at least I have to go see my surgeon in two weeks so I figure that I can do the blood work then if I find out that it wasn't gone before. UGH!!!

I also asked him whether he knows what's wrong with me and why my immune system is crap and I keep getting sick and so forth. Surprisingly he said that he has "no idea". Nice to actually hear a Dr tell me the truth!

I also told him that I intend to move to the US - he asked when I was returning, I simply responded "umm never" hahahaha I am supposed to see him one last time in January so I'll get my records then so that when I move to the US, I'll be able to find my own immunologist.

Oh and on a different subject, I got the result back for the paper that I lost a friend over - 370/375!!! I hope she feels that it was worth it.

And my nursing pin came in - I can't wait for this semester to be over with and to be pinned and receive my fake degree - to walk across the stage and celebrate the ending of my BSN education. Goodness I can't wait for these moments!

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  1. Between family stuff, doctors, health issues, and school stresses, I can totally understand why you imagined graduation would never come. It often feels as though nursing school will never end, but then the end comes and it feels even MORE strange. Girl, I am so very happy for you! I hope the move goes well and that everything gets worked out with the doctors.