Friday, November 18, 2016

Always negative and holy hell am I awesome!

I'm so frustrated with my husband. We've decided that we aren't going to Pakistan to attend his brother's wedding because we just can't make the finances swing or take on that debt. Because there is no way that I'm going to go there and not actually experience a million different things and not buy a TON of stuff. So we'll send little tyke in our place (again!). Seems to be the story of our lives!

So I approached hubby about his vacation time because work was allowing him to carry over two weeks but thought that he could talk to his boss about still being able to carry over whatever he could get and come move me to the US to be able to start the nurse residency program.

No surprise he wasn't thrilled about the idea. Seems that he always talks about the negative. He can't look into the good - like in ONE MONTH I will be walking across the stage to get my DEGREE!!! However, he would NOT really talk about graduation and such until after my graduation was guaranteed (passing the stupid ATI comprehensive test). Now he's doing the same thing about starting the residency program. He won't talk about it until after I have my boards passed and my visa in hand. It's incredibly infuriating.

Then I pushed back about how hard I've worked this semester both in school and in getting an offer for a nurse residency. It's not exactly easy for this to occur because I have to show how superior I am to others. He agreed but wouldn't give in. I talked to him about how the visa should happen easily because I have a job offer and I'm doing anything I can to try to ensure victory on the boards. He softened some. I told him that I didn't expect any over the top gesture, but that he would simply agree to talking to his boss about carrying at least a week over and taking that time to come with me and help me settle into my new digs and get all set up to start the residency.

He finally relented and said that he would see what he could do. I mean, I'm not asking a lot from him, just to take the time to look forward to our future and to think positively about it, even if it's not completely set in stone yet.

Hell, we've jumped sooooooo many hurdles to even get to this point, so have a little faith that God has a plan and that just possibly that may be us moving to the US.

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