Sunday, November 20, 2016

They all want a piece of me

On Friday I got an email.... at 9:30 at night. Ya, I know, we all get emails at all hours of the day and night, big whoop! But this email stood out among the rest. Do you want to know why?!

Well as I've said before, I've applied to several nurse residency programs and everyone that I applied to I was asked to have an interview with. Yep, I have a fabulous resume (that I did by MYSELF and did not use a professional resume service [yes those exist]) and a pretty awesome cover letter (if I did say so myself!) and I even put together a pretty darn good letter of intent for a couple of programs.

For those of you who read more than just one post and go away (ya I don't blame ya, I can be quite boring - though stupid shit happens to me frequently so if you want to continiue reading about it all, read some more!), you know that I was already asked into a nurse residency program already and accepted said program.

Well I got another email from one of the residencies that I applied to - Vanderbilt, asking me into one of their programs. If you know anything about programs, you will know that this program is prestigious and so LOTS of applicants. And I actually beat some people to be asked!

Now for the bad part, I have to turn them down. I'm sure you'll wonder why I would ever do that but the thing is is that the one I already accepted is in the field that I want to go further for education - neonatal nurse practitioner. The Vanderbilt program has asked me into the operating/post op program - not where I want to go. If I wanted to be working on a med-surg unit I would just stay in Canada!!!!

I'm not quite sure how I turn them down though. I certainly don't want to burn professional bridges after all. Plus, I don't think I can change their minds about which program to put me into. Geeze, sure do with I could though!

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  1. Having to refuse a job offer is a terribly difficult thing to do. Now, it won't hurt to ask Vanderbilt if they would be willing to change the residency program they were going to accept you into, especially if you let them know you have had another offer in your dream career projectory. The worst they can say is no, and then you are left in no different place than you are already sitting with your present job offer! I had to do it a couple times. It's mildly worrisome, but definitely worth it. G-d has a way of allowing the right path to be the path of least resistance. That doesn't mean that we won't go through trials in this life, just that when we come to forks in the road, He shows us the path by letting things work out for His good. Keep with it friend! So proud of all you have gotten through and how close you are to finishing and starting in a new field!!!