Sunday, August 2, 2015


I've been thinking lately about graduation. Ever since I got through the one course (not this last one) that has been the bane of my existence I have had trouble not thinking about the end - graduation

I have been taking this program for 3 years - getting my readings done, assignments completed and group projects accomplished.

I have 15 months left until I (hopefully) finish this program.

IF I finish next year (which I sure hope I do!) it will have taken me 15 years to obtain my BSN

I have 6 courses in my way to get my degree

I have 4 nursing courses to get through

I have 2 english courses that must be completed by the end of  next semester

By the end of April I will have gotten through 4 courses - both english courses and 2 of the nursing courses.

By that point I will have gotten through 2 clinicals - I hope! I will certainly try my hardest to make all these numbers a reality! But they really are doing my head in to think about. I want so badly to be at the finish line - to see my course's final mark and knowing that the only thing that stands in my way of being a registered nurse is the NCLEX!

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