Sunday, August 30, 2015

Disciplining friend's children

Hubby's BFF his wife & kids came over for a visit...

Little tyke and their son (their son is 6 mos younger than little tyke) were playing - acting like power rangers or something.... little tyke is play kicking & punching but their son goes out and punches little tyke full force into the chest - it hurt so much she almost started crying.

I spoke calmly to both and told them that how they were playing was too rough and that it needed to stop.

Then not 10 minutes later he goes and hits little tyke again.

UGH - so calmly I look at him with my mommy look and say "didn't I say that you couldn't play like that?!" He goes mute, not responding - so I repeat myself and he shakes his head yes

So I tell him that he needs to go sit down and be in time out

He actually listened to that but then immediately starts crying in this whiny pathetic voice.

So his mother races over and picks him up - shushing him and telling him that it's "ok" and tells him that he doesn't have to be in time out and he just needs to be calmer when playing with little tyke!

So just like that their child goes off without any sort of recourse

This kid - he's whiny and NEVER gets disciplined - UGH!!!!!

Pisses me off that hubby did NOTHING.... yet, he's also caught between a rock and a hard place because what could he do without setting them off

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  1. I have no children but I have been in this position a surprising number of times. I stand by what you did. It's not like you spanked the kid or anything, you put him in time out for hurting another person. Let's just ignore the fact that he is a boy and boys aren't supposed to hit girls. That's plumb courtesy. But, hey, if his parents want to spoil him to believe nothing is ever his fault, they will likely end up in court wondering "what went wrong" because there is no way their little angel could have done anything to deserve the punishment that is imminently awaiting him at that point. So, you go girl! Maybe someday those parents will stop babying the poor little boy and he might have a chance at a decent life when he grows up and is old enough to be responsible (by law, not by understanding) for his own actions. Spare a kid the rod and that rod will come and bite you in the butt. That's definitely not how the saying goes, but it is a verse in the Bible... somewhere (probably Proverbs). Please forgive the cynicism, I'm working some stuff out.

    Anyway, you did good Nurse Dee. Stand by your actions and if those parents give you problems, well, I can't do much about it but then maybe they will get a babysitter instead of bringing the kid over next time!

    I hope Little Tyke is okay and it sounds like she handled herself well in that situation too.