Thursday, August 27, 2015

We're off to the races & ICU's stupidity

School started - WOW - and boy are we under the grinder already - it's only the second week! It's crazy! Good thing I picked up my shifts before this semester started because I don't think I'll be able to pick up shifts cuz this course is crazy... oh ya, and I also have an english course that I have to deal with!

We'll see what my stress level is like throughout but I doubt that it will be going down anytime soon!

The other day there was a code blue on our unit - probably because the pt was experiencing septic shock so the Dr wanted a certain antibiotic NOW - as in get your ass moving and into the pt like yesterday.... so off went one of our nurses to contact ICU to have them tube it to us for the pt in the code blue and was told "no, find it from someone else because it comes out of our budget"!!!! You can bet your bottom dollar that didn't go over well! So I just took one of the sheets and RAN to ICU to pull from their machine myself and ran back to the unit.... anything for the pt right?!

I'm sure someone will be getting in major doggie doo-doo for that comment! I mean, seriously - they were told who it was for, one should NEVER hear that in response! Brutal

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