Sunday, August 16, 2015

My immunologist appt & butt issues oh ya and school's beginning

I saw the immunologist the other day - or rather the resident - who inquired about everything I've been dealing with from childhood til the most recent.... everything the other immunologist had already asked (I get it, I'm in health care!)

In the end tho, I find out that my blood work looks fantastic except for my IgG1 which they say is "mildly" low..... but when I got a copy of the blood work, it's not all unremarkable. There's  a section that's all high & low but they're in letters & numbers that I don't understand (it's the complement's being checked) and when I google them it doesn't really make sense.

The Dr came in and said that although my IgG subclass is low, he won't do anything about it but more testing in 6 mos! I asked about my vaccinations being non existant and req FOUR rounds of MMR to still have issues with mumps - told that I could be someone who doesn't hold them and no idea how long that the coverage will last for but that I just have to check them every once in a while.

So we recheck my subclasses and check oxidative burst assay to see if my phagocytes are working the way they're supposed to. Plus the suggestion is to see my ENT and determine whether I have a ciliary movement disorder which would explain the sinus/throat & ear issues.

Then when I was going to the bathroom the other night, I was ensuring that I was clean and all and after wiping, my seton came out - just like that. Hopefully I can see the surgeon soon, I don't know if the seton has done what it's supposed to (cut through all the way to the rectum) and I'm worried that the abcess & fistula will just recur just like last time.

On a better note - school's right around the corner (tomorrow actually) - it would mean the count down is on to getting this program completed. The second last of my electives and #5 of the nursing courses. Goodness I hope this time next year I'm entering my last two courses of this program!

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