Friday, August 7, 2015

My IgG number

So I had my follow up with my family doc - last week I had bloodwork to see if I was anemic and to see if he could get the results of my bloodwork from the immunologist.

So it seems I'm not anemic - my Hgb is 140 - perfectly in the normal range - which is suprising to me because every time I have a bowel movement I am bleeding. Seems that my bleeding is encouraging my body to create more.

The bloodwork from the immunologist confirms an IgG deficiency - subclass #1 deficiency with a value of 2.68 - normal range is 4.5 - 9.0 g/L.

The bloodwork also shows I'm still NOT immune to mumps, even though I've been vaccinated against it 4 times in the last year!

At least I'm immune (ATM) to measles, rubella, diptheria and tetnus!

So now I can go into my appointment armed with questions and possibly a few answers - I don't like going through things completely unaware.

Now, where to go from here.... that's the question!

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