Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Going to the capital of my country

Tomorrow bright and early we're leaving home and heading to Ottawa, Canada.

We're going to the largest waterpark in all of Canada; Calypso

I still have yet to figure out how tall little tyke is, I'm hoping that she's tall enough to go on the majority of the rides.

Another day we're going to take in a few things in and around the city....

A restaurant/lounge/cafe where we get to hang out as a family, have a snack/treat and play a couple of board games.... AWESOMENESS!!!! There's this one game that hubby and I really enjoyed playing before little tyke came along and I've wanted to buy it several times but it's like $80 and so we never have.... I'm putting my foot down that if it's available to purchase when we go (the one place sells some of the games as well) then I'm buying it (and maby more!).

Another part of the day we're going to hit up a farm where you can get up close and personal with the animals. And to go along with this we're going to hit up the agriculture and food museum where I'm hoping we have fun and have a bit of learning as well.

I asked hubby if he wanted to hit up the parliament building and go on a tour or do stuff more appropriate for little tyke, he chose stuff for little tyke.

There's also Hog Back Falls that we're going to go to - perhaps grab some take out and have a picnic at the falls, that would be nice.

There's the Byward market that I want to go check out, it's right around the corner from the boardgame place I'll probably kill two birds with one stone.

And perhaps if we have enough time we may go to a trampoline place to expend some energy that little tyke has pent up. Not sure if we'll get to this or not but at least I have it if that's how we decide to go.

And if we're bored enough and have some times on our hands then we may go to a cinema where the movies are only $5!!! Hopefully they don't try to make up for this by charging an arm and a leg for popcorn and pop!

I've found some really yummy places to go to eat - some BBQ, a mexican joint and a place that if we are in the mood for brunch then we have it!

Oh boy I can't wait! hopefully this will recharge my batteries and get me ready to undertake another heavy loaded course. I'm sure I'll have fun, hopefully  hubby can be patient for this trip - he tends to get very anxious and tends to cope very poorly when we're on trips and he lashes out. He said that he would "work on it", I hope he does!

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