Saturday, October 3, 2015

Question for surgeons

So this is twice now that I've been taking care of pt's awaiting surgery

Both were "on call" to get said surgery

BOTH got pushed to another day (one actually got pushed back two days)

One has a nasty hip (femur head) fracture and the other had a previous G-tube insertion go wrong and they created a nicked bowel and a fistula + abcess.

The fracture was identified two days post admission and then this pt waited another day after that..

So I would think that these would be urgent enough to actually ensure that they're done on the days that they're supposed to.

Additionally, said surgeon (for the most recent one) left before 2130hrs - which makes me wonder why they couldn't have done the surgery they said that they were going to do!

Also - if the surgeon is too tired (as I'm sure that some would indicate as a reason that the surgeon stopped) - at least have the decency to call my unit and tell me this because you ordered fluids that would be appropriate for a diabetic pt who is NPO for said surgery so now I am going to have to deal with on-call to get a hold of an order to have this changed.... because you couldn't just call me and tell me that you pushed your patient to another day!

Lastly - said pt is in major pain - especially when moved (such as when their incontinence brief needs to be changed) - and I'm sure that when you put the pt out for the surgery you will put in a foley catheter - so why didn't you just order it when you did the orders so that at least I don't have to manipulate this pt more than absolutely necessary.

I put myself in these pt's positions - I hate to see them hurting and wish that others thought about these things as well!

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