Friday, October 16, 2015

1/2 way done.... what's I've learned is this....

Finished 1/2 my clinical hours and have gotten through 1/2 the semester

While clinical has been a breeze and a joy, school less so!

I don't think that it's right when a teacher puts 20 (or there abouts) questions on the exam (out of 50) that are "select all" type of questions.... you're just trying to fail your students! I think it's poor form and I would think that if you're trying to weed out students who are weak, senior year isn't the appropriate time to do so! You would think if that was your goal that you would have done it last year or the year before!

Come to learn that this particular teacher is also going to be the teacher for capstone/preceptorship course. UGH!!!

See, my program puts a restriction on who is allowed to do high-acuity nursing (like ER or ICU's) for that course - so only those who are honor roll and have done well in their clinical courses.... now that sounds simple enough except when they are rallying for you to fail exams, that becomes quite the challenge!!!

So I'm really trying to swim against the current and stay afloat.... I'm just hoping I can do so without kicking my GPA too badly!

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