Tuesday, October 20, 2015

You did NOT just say that!

At clinical we had this woman come in with chest pain - history of CHF & MI so hooked her up to tele as soon as she came.

Now the state that I'm doing my clinical in has a narcotics database that u can use to pull up which narcotic was prescribed, how many have been prescribed, which doctor prescribed, which pharmacy was used to fill the prescription and when each prescription was filled

Well this woman had like 250 pills in the last month filled so that set off some bells

The doc comes in and asks what's going on with her - she tells him and he walks out - it's not something that's unusual or out of the blue and her tele wasn't showing anything abnormal so off he went....

Like 2 min after this woman shows up a little boy is brought in by one of his parents because he developed a rash over the trunk, neck & arm that didn't seem to get any better with benedryl. So the doc comes in asking a billion questions - trying to figure out what's going on then he goes away.

Well about a 1/2 hour goes by and this woman asks for pain meds and the doc actually treturns to tell her that he wouldn't be prescribing anything until results were returned.

Well the woman gets all peeved off cuz she expects that to be dealt with... and she essentially pouts then when the doc returns to the little boy to ask more questions she goes BALISTIC

"why is the doctor spending more time with him than me, aren't I important?!"

Oh no, you did NOT just say that!!!

I flat out said "well we're used to ppl like you" - ya not my best moment cuz it set her off more...

her: "well what do you mean by THAT"

me: "just that with chest pain we're used to but little boys having reactions we aren't"

That seemed to placate her for a moment til the doc went back to the little boy and then she was complaining about her chest and asking for pain meds - the doc came over and said that results weren't back and that she wouldn't be getting any pain meds

So she went crazy and signed AMA

Sayonara then!

When the results came back after she was already gone.... turned out she had fractured ribs - oh well, she was gone already

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