Monday, October 19, 2015

I always miss the good things & seatbelts save lives!

Clinical rocked, but as the title says, I missed the good stuff (mostly)

There was a pt that came in with septic shock who fell down on the floor and was there for 12+ hrs til found and was in such bad shape that the paramedics just wrapped the pt in the rug that was under the pt and transported them into the hospital...

The pt was in such bad shape that it necessitated intubation and being life flighted out

The pt was in such bad shape that while in mid-flight the pt coded!

Don't know if the pt made it or not but WOW!

Onto seatbelts saving lives (as docbastard always says on his blog)......

There were two men who got into MVAs that were thankfully wearing seatbelts - one walked away with nothing more than a forehead abrasion and the other suffered a L1 compression fracture.

One of the vehicles rolled and another ditched (literally) the vehicle - so their injuries would have been WAAAAAAY worse had they not had their seat belts on.

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