Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Oh the times they are a changin

So a little back story...

Last week hubby's uncle died and under Islam laws you must bury the dead "as soon as possible" unless there are factors that will delay this (autopsy, dying overseas, etc...). Well I was supposed to work the next day (the day when they were to bury him) so I called in and told the acting charge nurse about the death. I was told that I didn't have to work the shift - so I focused on the family as I should have. Then they call me back not 2 hrs later to tell me that I have to find someone to cover my shift - giving me less than 24hrs notice to do so! I went home after a couple of hours to begin the phone calls.

I called FOURTEEN ppl - and EVERY one (except one - who said that she would trade me shifts) told me no - even though I explained WHY I needed the time off. If it hadn't been for the fact that the prayer part (sort of like the viewing in the caucasian world) of the burial started during the last part of the day shift but the burial part was during the first part of the evening shift - so in essence I needed both shifts off. So ya, I'm pretty damn pissed at the ppl on my unit.

It seems to me that the ppl I work with are becoming less helpful as the time goes on. As such, I have been applying for positions elsewhere.

So when we got back from being with family I came home to a voicemail offering me an interview for a position I hadn't even applied for at another hospital - I had applied for a different position but they were offering me an interview for a position (provided I was interested in it). I called them back and left a voicemail indicating that I was intersted. So the next day they returned said voicemail and asked if I could come for an interview on Saturday. Unfortunately, that was the day that I was to attend clinical. So alas, I had to decline the interview. They said that they would put my name in the pile for the next round of interviews and I was cool with that.

So I ended up having to work my shift afterall and when I got back from my shift I had another voicemail offering me an interview for a position I had applied for at my hospital. I called back and we set the date for this morning.

Hubby was nice enough to ensure that he called me a bunch this am to wake me up so that I could make it there on time. He told me that there was an accident on the highway and it was hugely backed up. So I made sure that I left an hour & 15 min before said interview. Even when I work and have to take local roads, it usually takes me ~45 min... so I figured I was good to go.

Ya, not so much! It took me almost an hour and a half!!!! Nearly double the amount of time that it normally takes me when I have to drive the local ways.

That meant that I was LATE for an INTERVIEW!!!!!  Holy shitballs I was so embarrassed. I apologized profusely and they were so easy going, tell me it was alright - that they were just worried.

Otherwise the interview went swimmingly, but I certainly thought that I lost my running in the race for the position because of being late.

When I got home I was talking to my BFF and as I stepped in the door she was telling me to call her when I heard one way or another about the position. My BIL was sitting in the living room overhearing my conversation and when I got off the phone with her, told me that I had a voicemail on the phone. When I played it, it was this...

"This is Alice (not her real name) in HR, we would like to offer you the position at Big Hospital on the in-pt surgical/ortho unit that you interviewed for today, if you're interested please call me back at such and such a number"

O M friggin G I got the position!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Against many odds, they offered ME the position.  WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO

Of course I returned that voicemail immediately! I was told that I had to wait to hear when my manager would "release me" (as though I'm a prisoner - HA) before I could start the orientation on the surgical unit. So until then, I'm kinda in a holding pattern.  

On a separate note, but equally awesome - clinical has wrapped and I have passed - exceedingly well! My preceptor gave me VERY high praise, which I will absolutely use in the future when it comes to positive references of me and my abilities as a nurse. Now to finish up the theory portion in just as exceedingly positive (if I can). Wish me luck - I need it with this course!

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