Wednesday, January 18, 2017

How I went about passing the NCLEX-RN boards

I know that a lot of people wonder how other students go about studying for the boards. These things create unimaginable amounts of stress, so I understand why one would seek out information from ones who have done what they can to pass.

So I was fortunate enough that my uni bought this prep program that went along with our prep book - Elsevier adaptive quizzing program and HESI/Saunders questions - on general we had ~120 questions per week. I think that was helpful to get me ready for information I'm not familiar with. From this I learned where my areas of weakness were. And then most way through my semester the school paid for us to take the Kaplan weekend seminar. I found that quite helpful in how to approach a question - that it's always about assessment first and if there's the option of calling a Dr or assessment, choose the assessment - it almost always gives you more information that's needed.

Then once I graduated hubby and I figured that learning info then doing questions may work and so we bought NCSBN program and I was doing that for a bit - but it was dry and very boring. I was having a lot of difficulty getting through it and feeling like I was actually working positively so I took it upon myself to buy UWorld. Then I did my weak areas first and after going through the 75 questions, I remediated and I took my time with that - making sure that I understood why I got a question right as well as why I got things wrong - or why certain choices were right and why others were wrong. When I started that, I generally got through 150 questions but I would flag questions that I either got wrong or I felt were really important for me to remember & look at before the NCLEX.

I also had the Kaplan trainer tests that I reserved for when I was prepping for the exam. I did two more but when I was remediating, I found that I didn't like their information that was provided - UWorld absolutely beat Kaplan out in this area, hands down!!!

Overall, I feel like the Elsevier adaptive quizzing program and HESI/Saunders questions program as well as UWorld are what helped give me the best chance at being successful on the NCLEX. For those who come to it after me - remember prioritization and safety - that's primarily what my exam was about (at least what I can remember - stress and high anxiety will do that to you!). I wish you luck and every chance at success at beating the beast that is the NCLEX.

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  1. I just read all of your posts backwards, but my gosh I am proud of you! I already commented on the cockroaches, ugh!, and I read to the end of the page where you have announced you graduated and passed the NCLEX!!! Good work friend!!! So happy for you. Now, as you move and work in the U.S., I pray many open doors and for G-d's presence in the midst of chaos. It will be hectic and wild, with problems ever arising, for at least a few months. However, keep strong, remember the L-rd is working, and when things go right, thank Him for all that has happened. When things go "wrong", thank Him for changing the direction you thought you were to go.

    Praying for you dear friend. More than that, I'm so happy for you!