Friday, January 13, 2017

Waiting expectently

I took the dreaded NCLEX-RN - it was as ever scary and nerve wracking as I expected it to be. As I arrived at the building and was sitting in my car talking to my best friend on the phone and having a minor freak out, a lady was coming down the walkway who seriously looked every bit how I felt internally. Her hair was FRAZZLED!!! And the expression on her face told the story about how terrorizing the NCLEX is, whether it be the PN or the RN.

I had no idea whether I was going to get the 75 questions or the dreaded 265 and potential 6 hrs of testing. As such I opened a ton of these little candies that I like to suck on because I have dry mouth due to my meds and I knew that I wouldn't be able to have water in the exam. So I stuffed a bunch of them in my mouth before going in the room. Ha!

Because I've gone to that location previously, it made the process quicker - it's not like my vein pattern had changed since my NCLEX-PN exam from several years ago. Off I went - to my computer in the corner. Perfect for the ADHD-er in me! OMG If I had ppl on either side of me, it would have been so difficult to focus... it felt like it was meant to be for me to have this spot an be given the best opportunity at success from the get go.

Now.... with these exams, it's kinda how you start out, how the middle goes and how you end! To be honest I can't quite remember which questions (except one), which I knew I got wrong so I was really nervous for the next question. But thankfully I got the next one right and so I got a select all that apply (SATA), which is supposed to be the highest kind of question and gives you an idea of how you're doing. So on and on the test went. Then I approached 60 and I began watching the clock and so I turned it off (thank you Kaplan instructor for teaching me that!) by clicking on the clock icon and the clock disappears. Because I knew that I needed to pay more attention to answering well instead of answering quickly.

Then when I approached 70 I got really nervous and had to take a moment to calm down. I answered to the best of my ability of course and when I got to question 74 I said a little prayer when I submitted. Then when the blue screen showed me another question, I was devastated! I had to collect myself and hope and pray that perhaps the program shut off when you submitted question 75, not when you got to it. Boy did I say a giant prayer that this program shut off when I submitted this question. And it did!!!! According to hubby, 87% of the ppl who get 75 questions pass (where he got this stat from I have NO idea) - but I'm sure hoping that I'm one of that lovely majority. We paid to get results in 48 hours, so we should know shortly, but I'm so so so nervous to know.

Now to just wait the required time.... impatiently of course!

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