Monday, January 16, 2017

In the meantime

I was expecting to have to wait until monday to have my name show up on the board of nursing and show my registration number. It was awesome. Absolutely filled me with such pride.

Because it was finally official though, I could apply for license verification in the state that I intend to practice in - holy expensive though.... $150 later! Still the problem is the SSN so I need the visa ppl to hurry the hell up now and complete their shit so that I can get my license stuff in order. But that needed to get done so at least it's active and when I have the other stuff done I can easily provide the SSN and the completed fingerprint/background stuff and be on my merry little way.

So I'm trying not to worry about it overly so.

For now I am completing my shadowbox. I'm using my clinical nurse top with my student ID tag with my name on it to symbolize me while I was in school. Then the program for the pinning ceremony as well as my pin (for obvious reason). Below it I added the nurse's prayer - I think it turned out beautifully - except that I ran out of the letter 'e' and so I placed all th other letters and left spaces for the 'e' when I buy more (hopefully tomorrow or the next day). And finally the grad cap and gown as well as the grad commencement program. I decorated my cap and added a saying and a few decorations. That side turned out perfectly as well. There's an area above the clinical top that is open that I'm trying to find a quote or saying to put in the spot to even things out. Obviously it has to be nursing related. Will have to do some research - any ideas?

I'm also trying to get doctor and dentist visits done - I have a dentist visit tomorrow - two hours long because I know that I have fillings that need to get done and then again on Tuesday. Then I have appointments in the next two weeks with the immunologist and the immuno dermatologist (the one who diagnosed me with the hidradenitis suppurativa (AKA acne inversa) - those two are on the same day which is kind of funny and happened by chance! Then I have an appointment with the neuro opthamologist for testing on the friday and then I see him for the results on monday. Then up is little tyke's dentist appointment - I should have made her appointment extra long because she has a bunch of cavities that need fillings but didn't think of it at the time. The one that we're dealing with at this appointment is one that is so badly off that it has to be pulled. I'm not sure how she'll handle it but she was pretty good with getting her cavity done before so I'm hoping that this will go just fine as well. Then lastly I see the surgeon who operated on my bottom as it still hasn't fully healed up (we think that's actually related to the hidradenitis suppurativa condition which I can talk to her about when I see her. Then lastly I see a physician that's supposed to take a biopsy to see if I have this weird respiratory condition (knowing my luck it'll come back positive -lol). So it's set to make for a busy month what with little tyke coming back from Pakistan this week as well and wanting to spend as much time with her as possible. I'm going to miss her so so so much. Thank goodness for skype, text, whatsap (think facetime) and plane rides!

Now I just have to make time to keep things open to get everything done so that I can go to the US to my waiting job. I can't wait to start it, I couldn't have developed a better program for myself if I do say so myself!!!

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