Friday, January 13, 2017

Knowing my future

I was so impatient counting down the time to 3pm when my results would become available. We paid extra and was on the phone with my bestie while hubby was constantly checking the site to see if things were updated.

Finally we see....


OMG one ginormous hurdle is passed to getting me to my destination job that starts in 37 days!!!

Then I called my mom and told her the amazing news - because it is amazing news!

So now I need to get my license verified in the state I acually intend on getting it in. And I have to get my visa - but I have to get my papers from my hometown college sent to the visa ppl and I have to get my NCLEX results sent to the visa ppl as well.

I got my degree in the mail when I arrived home and I sent that to my work as well as my transcript that shows that I graduated (they required both). Then I sent them my CPR stuff because they demand that I have AHA not Red Cross. Stupid but whatever. Their other thing is all about my SSN but that's all wrapped in my visa and getting that all done.

I talked to my old nursing program dean who said that she would have the visa paperwork done today or by monday. Man she needs to get this done ASAP! I know that this all takes time and so it needs to be taken care of now.

Monday I'll call my work and talk to the main person to find out what else they need at this point, other than my SSN of course. But at least for now I get to bask in the glory of passing this vastly important exam and being able to juust carry on with my life. Though I must say that it feels a bit weird to not have to study for anything right now.

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