Tuesday, January 10, 2017

On the doorstep of the NCLEX

Well I'm right at the brink of taking this exam. I can't say I'm ready. I'm nervous as hell. I wish I had more time but time is not what I have in abundance!

It seems like my US hospital is anxiously awaiting me and have a sixth sense or something because they called today and asked if I have taken my exam. I told them that I have it scheduled in a couple of days. They were excited about that. Problem with that is that now they know and so they will be anticipating an answer. So what if I don't pass?! They're going to rescind their offer and I'm going to lose out on an amazing once in a lifetime chance!

So can you see the stress?!!!!!!  AGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG

Hubby is on a plane somewhere over an ocean..... then he has a layover for a bunch of hours. Says he's going to buy  me a bunch of dates - my request. They're cheaper over there. Plus they're yummy and I want him to buy lots and lots!!!!  I asked for vanilla but according to him they're only $2 cheaper so it doesn't make much sense to buy them there and transport them back. Meh, whatevs.... I know he's bringing me back jewelry. Pretty stuff too. He sent me a couple of pictures while he was there. I'm really looking forward to a couple of the pieces. A couple of the other ones I figure that I may just have to see them first before I decide. Pictures may not do them justice.

Little tyke is having a blast but is missing me BIG TIME - she called me EVERY DAY for the first three weeks and then once her dad got there she's been more relaxed and so only when we talk does she come on the phone. But she's texting me as well which is neat because she's gotten so much better at reading and writing that it's even an option this year, whereas last year that wasn't.

I suppose I should head to bed and get up early - I have to go get my fingerprints done so that I'm ready if my NCLEX is passed I can get my license endorsed in the state I need it in. Plus I want to do a bit of shopping and I still need to do more studying. I don't think I would ever feel ready for this damn exam. I wonder if anyone ever does?

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