Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Batshit crazy courses

School courses have started full force and let me tell you, I am NOT sure that I can complete all the required reading for ONE course, let alone two!

My mental health course requires me to read FOURTEEN chapters!!! How the HELL does anyone complete this AND work full time?! And next week doesn't look like there will be less readings unfortunately. Also, this course isn't going to be open book, which means that I need to know my shit and study, study, study. As it is I HATE (yes a very strong word but that's how strongly I feel about it) mental health - bane of my nursing school responsiblities.

My healthcare ethics course requires that I read only 4 chapters so that's definately more managable.

However when you combine them and then add the fact that 3 of my books haven't come in yet - that makes me INCREDIBLY nervous!

Aside from school..... is that I may actually get back to work in the very near future. Tomorrow is my meeting with my manager and union rep. So I will know tomorrow when my return will be. I'm so excited!

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