Thursday, January 9, 2014

My hospital hates me

Life just got a bit crazier (or shitty which ever term you choose to use) 

I went for a return to work meeting today (finally feeling well enough to go back - tho I've been ready since the beginning of Dec)... and was bombarded with the fact that I since I was going to clinical (which I went to twice in the semester to prove my skills) that that was against my being off for medical reasons. 

The only bright spot is at least my union rep sees it the way I do - that I was going by my medical which does not indicate that I couldn't attend clinical or drive - but that I couldn't work. They couldn't understand how you could be required to fulfill 40 hrs of clinical time but that you didn't have to do it in a clinical setting. 

So they suspended me.... which means not returning to work. I don't know how I'm expected to pay for school if I don't have an income coming into the house.... I have to pay absurdly high rates - like $5,000 per semester (seriously). I started crying during the meeting - couldn't quite help it - bit of frustration and because I was sideswiped with this crap. I mean, it's not like I put it on facebook or anything. 

Sure I put it up on my blog - but that tells me where in the world someone visits my blog (I love when someone visits!) and no one from my province has visited my blog. So I don't know how in the world they even found out that I was doing "clinicals". Unforunately my union rep said that I had to be completely open and honest and deal with the repercussions and then grieve the entire mess.

Don't know what I'm going to do about this all. Don't know what I can other than grin and bear it - lean apon friends and family, etc...

Next week we have another meeting - giving them time enough to "investigate" this entire mess. I gave them the number to contact my clinical preceptor to "back up" my information indicating that I was simply observing her during pt times and answering questions to prove my own ability to assess. We'll see how this works out.

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