Wednesday, January 15, 2014

head in the sand

This union thing is really stressing me out. Unfortunately the way I cope is by putting my head in the sand (more my bed actually) - not sure it's healthy - wanna weigh in?!

My meeting is thursday at 1430 - goodness I hope I don't get ransacked again, it really sucked the first time. I don't want to break down in tears again. Did so because I was so frustrated and irritated with the continuous questioning.... over and over about clinical. They couldn't understand how I had to complete 40hrs of clinical but that it didn't have to be on pts and that I could prove my assessment skills by answering questions. Does that make any sense to you peeps?! My union rep seemed to understand the FIRST time I explained it but the FOUR other inqizitionors couldn't seem to understand it - over and over - around and around. Goodness gracious. I felt so foolish for crying but I couldn't help it. Any suggestions on how in the world I can stop from crying in front of these people - they seem to hold the key to my employment.

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