Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Kinda in a funk

Can't really explain it - feeling kinda blah lately. The motivation has completely tanked and I'm only in week 3 of school. Holy shit I need to pull it together.

Tonight I did my schedule calendar for school - trying to get it put up so that I can TRY to be on top of things.

My one teacher has laid it all out for us nice and neat - at least we can work ahead in readings if we are so inclined because she's great that way.

The other teacher - nursing course of course - won't go more than a week in advance - hell this week he only released this week's readings on the start date of the week. This puts a MAJOR crunch on me because my ADHD kicks in whenever it wants (like right now) and I KNOW that I'm going to fall behind on the readings and THEN where will I be when it comes to quiz time (such as at the end of this week) when I am not up to date with the readings and won't know my information which = a bad grade. ERGGGG

I even posted in the discussion area that it would be in our (students) best interest if he would release the readings and such more in advance than what he is currently doing because at least then students like me won't get behind in readings. But to no avail... he said no. Asshole IMO.

Thinking about forwarding my disability information to them so that I can get the information in advance. Don't know how much good it will do me though. Any thoughts on this anyone?

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