Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Ethics suck and volunteering for it

Taking an ethics course this semester along with the mental health course - two weeks in and three quizzes down and I'm batting like 60% - goodness gracious this sucks.

The friggin quizzes are FUCKING HARD!!!! Who the hell makes 5 pt quizzes for godamn hard???!!! (rhetorical question BTW)

Unfortunately this course also requires for me to do volunteering - AND link it to ethics. Easier said than done. The one place that agreed to take me is a community child care center.... how do I link THAT to ethics???!!! In the proposal I totally bullshitted - said that there was a chance that I could see child abuse (ya right) and the teacher seemed to buy it cuz she approved it. Meh, works for me! At least it's only 10 hours - easy to get it over with.

The course has me do 2 significant themed papers - I was given:
1. Should it be legal for people to buy organs for transplant
2. Should vaccination for HPV be mandated for teenage girls

I selected #1 and the teacher gave me #2 - they shouldn't be too hard, especially considering the HPV one has been in the news for like the last 2 years. And the other one has had plenty of information spread about the ethical issues associated with it.

On a completely unrelated subject....

Went to see the surgeon yesterday. Day was hell from the beginning! Forgot to start the car early because hubby required that I call 5 different places trying to get a hold of ppl so that I can placements at a hospital for the upcoming semesters and so FREEZING cold car....

Get in the car only to find out that my in laws used the car the day before and left ONE bar of gasoline so I wouldn't have been able to start the car anyways - AND I was already running behind schedule for the Dr's appt and now I had to go get gasoline - increase already high irritation

Followed my BIL out of the house and to the closest intersection where I was directly behind him going through it and he slid around the turn and blocked the entire road and go figure so did I, directly into his car. AGGGGHHHH. Now a fucking accident to boot. Minimal damage to both vehicles (as far as we can tell) so off I go on my way....

To then drive 25 KM per hour all the way to my hospital (that's where the Dr's appt was) - so it takes me OVER an hour to get there going at that speed. Which makes me even later for my appt. I was smart enough tho to call ahead and let them know.

Finally make it there and I forget to get the documentation for OC health for the surgeon to fill out so while he's in the room I let him know that they're being jerks and tell him that they have told me that I have to ONLY get him to fill it out so I have to grab it for him to fill out. So off I go to get it and return for him to sign off on it, which he does easily. He had a hard time understanding that they haven't let me go back to work. Ya well me neither!!!

Only 3 more weeks til I start back. I can't wait to get back in the groove.


  1. Ugh I hated my ethics class too...not a hard class, but just time consuming and you don't walk away with much. At least you got accepted at an interesting site to volunteer site (or maybe I'm biased b/c I work with kids and love it!). I found that most of what I wrote for ethics was all about taking liberties (AKA BS'ing my way through!). Good luck!

    1. definately time consuming - sometimes I wonder how I'm getting all this reading done for these courses.

      When I went looking for a volunteer place I wanted it to either be with kids (love em!) or with abused women/shelter but the shelter said they didn't have any openings so I went with the kids area - glad I found a place at least.

      I figure this entire ethics course is going to be a LOT of BS'ing - but at least I know I'm good at it! LOL