Monday, January 25, 2016

Emergency surgery

So I had to do corporate orientation this week. 2nd day in and my bum started to hurt. Not overly so but certainly noticeable. 3rd day in and my ass was KILLING me! So much so that I went to the ER.

And got bitched out by the surgeon about why didn't I go to the hospital where I had the other butt surgeries done and where my own surgeon is and such. He complained that he didn't have access to the diagnostic images that I had had done nor the operative reports - as if it would take a million years for a fax to have been received.

Then he mad handled my ass to do his exam - making me cry. So I begged the nurse for some pain medication - to be told by her that the surgeon wouldn't permit her to give me more pain meds because he would be taking me for surgery "soon". Whatever the hell THAT meant!

SO I had the surgery - was in recovery and asked what he ordered me for pain meds.... tylenol (which I'm allergic to - fucking idiot!) and morphine => 1-2mg q1hr.... the q1hr was good but the 1-2mg is bullshit considering I take 10mg orally.... the math certainly doesn't add up. So when my pain went up at about 3am, I asked for the max dose (which I received) then clock watched til 4am because the 2mg certainly did NOTHING for my pain!!! I got the max dose again and thankfully that was enough to take the edge off.

Then my bladder was telling me that it needed to relieve itself so here I was in the bathroom with the water on and nothing is happening. My bladder is screaming at me telling me it needs to come out and I was certainly relaxed enough for things to happen but then NOTHING. I let the nurse know about this and so she kindly bladder scanned me and I had 350mL sitting there (I think I had more but she didn't scan me quite right but I wasn't about to complain)... so I went back to bed and tried again another 3 times before being able to FINALLY pee. Geeze that felt good!

At about 6am the surgeon comes in to ask how I'm doing - doesn't check my ass out or anything and goes to leave. I told him that I needed a sick note and told me that I needed to get the paperwork to him - as in the ones that oc health requires. It didn't matter that I also needed one for school. Just off he goes.

Later when the nurse goes to get my paperwork ready, she realizes that the surgeon didn't write me a prescription for ANYTHING.... no pain meds, no antibiotics.... NOTHING. Nor did the surgeon take a fucking culture - from an abcess!!!!!!!!!!

So off she goes to page the surgeon to find out that that was intentional - that because of my "many" allergies to pain meds (tylenol, codeine, demerol, percocet) - that he told the nurse I should just take "advil". His words, not mine! Unbelievable! I had told him going into the surgery that I took statex (morphine sulphate) 10mg when this sort of thing occured and that I had enough for ~5 doses. Clearly this surgeon has NO idea how painful it is to have an abcess cut open on your ass!

So I literally left the hospital to go straight to my family doc to get culture swabs so that when homecare came to pack my ass that they could take a proper swab that should have been done in the first place by the surgeon. I also got a prescription for more statex so that I can get through this rough period. I am so unbelievably thankful to my family doc for being so wonderful and understanding. He couldn't believe that I'm going through this AGAIN. Frankly, so am I! So here we go again....

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  1. I'm so sorry you had to deal with all of this!