Thursday, January 14, 2016

Protecting others at my detriment

That patient that fell, they died - and now it's a coroner's case. Thing is, my charting was lacking in direct time frames and I didn't put in there about the fact that the Dr was paged multiple times over a couple of hours.

Plus, I didn't fill out stupid rounding sheets - they weren't part of the chart and aren't legal or anything and I was so busy that I didn't have time to fill them out like they're supposed to be.

I had another pt that was detoxing from alcohol, very needy and requiring Valium frequently. Around the time of this other person's death I was with the other person who started to complain of chest pain - I was with her, assessing to make sure she wasn't having a heart attack. Problem is is that I didn't chart this, I only passed it on because I didn't want to stay late after work. Now I totally wish that I had. Fully regret this.

The other thing is that this hospital doesn't do bedside reporting so we don't know whether this pt would have been alive and somoething could have been done had we done it. UGHHHHH!!!!!

The other kicker is that our unit doesn't have bed alarms or alarm pads that can be put on the bed that would alarm when someone was getting out of bed that shouldn't be.

This pt got out of bed while I was on break but I was in the room across the hall when this pt got out of bed without assistance or calling for assistance and I heard the hollering and went across the hall to find this pt on the floor. When I talked to my manager about this - she commented about how this pt did not get out of bed ever before and made it sound like it was so unbelievable that this pt would get out of bed by themself. UGH

Now I have to meet with some big wigs on Friday and my manager and my union rep to talk through this case. I hope they have my back, I need someone to!!!!

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  1. Oh dear, I sure hope everything works out. Sometimes it seems so unreasonable the amount of stuff they require us to do while keeping eyes on every single patient we are assigned to. I pray everything goes well with the meeting, sweet lady.