Monday, January 18, 2016

My 2015 by pictures (mostly) - kids version

When we got back from Christmas vacation it was time for little tyke to begin Quran lessons - here my MIL is helping out with certain verses

Little tyke invades our bed frequently and these two are always the first to fall asleep

Little tyke just before her 6th birthday shows me how she can hang upside down and gets hung up by her boot

Little tyke hangs out with her BFF Hussan and little tyke is able to swing without assistance now

Little tyke turns SIX and my parents and my auntie Bev comes to visit to celebrate it

Lt to Rt: Mom, Auntie Bev, SIL Sidra (married to hubby's brother Hammad)
Both of my moms
Lt to Rt: Hubby, my Dad, my BIL Hammad and my FIL

Lt to Rt: my FIL then on the floor is SIL's sister and her parents are on the couch
Three generations
Little tyke about to blow out the candles at her birthday at Chuck E Cheese
Lt to Rt: Leah, Teagan, little tyke, Hailee, Hussan
First time riding the birthday bike - getting a bit of help from daddy
Our newest family addition: a rescued bunny Millie
Hubby and I celebrated our 7 yr annivery
June 18th little tyke broke her arm in half
In high spirits even though she broke a major bone

Graduation for the big boy
Big boy's favorite subject as you can tell

He got the award for highest mark in geography

Family photo June 2015

Seriously bonding with the bunny

Trip to our nation's capitol: Ottawa
Aug 2015 - we got to see the change of the guard
I'm bad at centering selfies - our trip to the Agricultural center and visiting the cows
Little tyke cleaning one of the cows
Getting a chance to pet them
Petting the cow right to sleep - I can do this with babies too!
The wave pool 

Hubby helping her jump the waves - she squeeled with delight after each of these
She got the gist of what to do so we figured we'd go shallower and let her do some herself

First day of Grade ONE

First trip anywhere for little tyke and I'm sending her away for 6 wks with this woman - my M IL

Off she goes on an adventure

Time for a swim in the community watering hole - the weather was 40 degrees Celsius = HOT HOT HOT

And returned fully safe and sound - fully fluent in Punjabi and Urdu - she's amazing.

Then I got sick and was hospitalized. Got a new job and left the old one. And spent Christmas with family - mom and dad and my two brothers (and their respective spouses and child(ren)].

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  1. Seeing these pictures just puts illustrations to the stories I know so well! I feel like I know you and we haven't even met. We're even in different countries! But I love being able to remember each of your stories as I finally get to see the pictures. I hope all is well with you and the family sweet lady.