Wednesday, January 27, 2016

On the mend.... maybe?

The nurse saw my bum and agreed that it was inflamed but didn't think it was inflammed because of infection. Plus there wasn't an increase in exudate or a change in exudate appearance. So he cleansed it really well, put some providine on it and packed the wound with providine soaked packing and thankfully today the inflammation was signficantly reduced - as was my pain!

Now if only I could get a handle on the constipation! I try to increase my fluid intake, take my senna/colace and increase my fiber intake - to no avail.... stupid diamox! Makes me dehydrated which makes my situation even more dire

Speaking of diamox - I have my follow-up appt with the neurologist tomorrow. I doubt that he's going to say anything. For the most part I'm doing well in terms of headaches/migraines. I think I can tell when my pressures get high because the pain starts right behind my right eye. I normally take an extra diamox and hit the hay for a couple of hours. Normallly that's enough to stave off a migraine due to high pressures. I count myself lucky that I don't have near the complications that others have with IIH - I feel guilty a bit that mine is a seemingly mild case - and for that I am also severely thankful for. I know how bad it can be and how lucky I am to have what I have.

That being said, these things make going to school rather difficult. Concentrating has been difficult at best. I've gotten very little school work accomplished this last week and a half. I seriously need some things to go in the right direction so that I don't lose my semester.

So I suppose I should get a good night's sleep and call it a night so that I can go to the neurologist tomorrow and then get started back on all this school work!

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