Monday, January 4, 2016

What will next year bring

Last day of 2015 (when I actually wrote this - but since then I've been brutally sick s it's up late) and I'm being reflective - 2015 has been an interesting year - I decided that I would leave neurology in pursuit of bigger and better things - get hired on a surgical unit and just after accepting that position I get another interview for a different job at a different hospital on a new unit - a medical-surgical unit. Accept that position over the surgical unit and begin on the med-surg unit.

I also got diagnosed with a new illness - Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension (IIH)- long story short, I make too much Cerebro Spinal Fluid (CSF) - this was found when I had a nasty headache that when I wasn't suffering that I was super nauseous. Hubby got to the end of his rope of me complaining and said that I needed to stop or go to the hospital so off I went. Several lumbar punctures (LPs) later, and I have a diagnosis. Now to learn how to cope with the crappy effects by medicating the crap out of myself (which I always forget to take the meds, so it's been interesting!)

I've gotten through another year of nursing school successfully - not as successfully as I would have liked, but at least I made it through it! This last course was a killer but was shocked when I made it through with a solid 'B' mark.

I have also gotten the privilege of watching little tyke (and helping along the way) learn how to read... she's struggled so much but it seems that she's making up for this in leaps and bounds so I'm excited to see what this new year will hold in regards to this avenue.

Now onto what this year could possibly hold...

Little tyke may actually be able to read ME a book instead of me doing all the reading! Just the other day she actually wrote a whole sentence by HERSELF!!! Wow what a proud moment for me!

When it comes to the job - I'm hoping that it all comes together because my shifts into this new year have been terrible! My first night shift (my second shift off orientation) had me having TWO admissions on top of 3 other patients. This would be alright if I was actually good with the new systems and everything but on nights you have to do EVERYTHING because there is no clerk there to do part of the admission. But as they say, "nursing is 24 hrs" and so things got pushed onto day shift. In the end the saying "it is what it is" is what holds true.

I'm also VERY excited that this is my last year of my bachelors. I'm VERY nervous that this is my last year and what this means. There are four nursing courses and one elective standing in my way. I feel like I have the support to get this done. Boy can I not WAIT until I am standing on the graduation stage to get this damn diploma that I have been chasing for more than a decade!

I'm hoping that this year will be a healthier year. I have struggled so much in the last couple of years in this avenue so I'm really hoping that this will be an area of improvement. Clearly I'm not starting out this year very good, I'm already sick - a bloody nasty cold that I'm hoping won't turn into pneumonia or a sinus infection. As the saying goes for spring "comes in like a lion, goes out like a lamb" - boy am I hoping that this is the way this year goes!

Now on to the show!

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