Friday, January 29, 2016

Not what I thought it would be

Had the follow up with the neurologist today - all he could talk about was how I need to get off any NSAIDs or tylenol products and how I MUST be off them for 4 months minimum. What a load of bullshit. He wouldn't even refer me to a specialist in IIH until this occurs. The only thing he would do was refer me to a neuro opthamologist and that likely won't happen for another 6 months at least.

Today was pretty good in terms of movement. I was able to get a hold on the constipation (thank the lord!) and have many bowel movements. I rewarded myself with a trip to the mall with hubby. HA! I think hubby was feeling pretty bad about what I've been going through because he was cool with me spending $75 on premium tea!!! Mmmmm yummy tea.... one that tastes like strawberries, another like blueberries and the last is one that smells (and tastes) like peanut butter cups! Goodness they're yummy.

My home care nurse says my bum is healing well, even if it's hurting quite a bit. So I'm hoping next month the specialist can do something once and for all about my butt issues.

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