Tuesday, January 26, 2016

I don't know what to do

The pain has been significant, so I've been taking my statex like I need to (~twice per day at this point) and because of the constipating consequence of this narcotic I have become quite bunged (ya I know, not quite a term) up and have tried to counteract this by taking senna & colace.

However, said medication isn't working very well and I've been struggling with constipation. The other problem is that this damn abcess is next to my rectum and thus I have the dressing that's next to and sometimes covering the rectum - which makes having a bowel movement rather tricky.  

Of course, having a bowel movement is important and this I was able to do. Problem is is that it feels like I have other abcesses - hard, painful bumps where there shouldn't be any - it should be smooth.

So now I don't know what to do.... I think I may just wait to see what the homecare nurse says considering they've been doing this dressing on my bum for several days now and who knows, it coulld be changed.

If things have changed and they're still there tomorrow, then I guess I'm heading back to the hospital tomorrow.

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