Saturday, January 16, 2016

I got a hot chocolate for all the stress

I met with the person from the hospital to discuss the incident....

It appears that I'm in the clear thank God. I told her my version of the incident from start to finish. I talked about what kind of processes were missed or missing. I talked about how I had the physician paged MULTIPLE times - which records back me up for. My co workers also backed me up in talking about how this person was a CONSTANT caller but that night at that time did not.

I also brought my shift paper and showed that I had done vitals, even if I hadn't put them in the chart. I talked about how because this person had appeared like they had finally fallen asleep that I didn't want to wake them up.

I also talked about how this was my third shift by myself and that I was still learning the lay of the land and time management in terms of charting - about how the physical act of writing narritively takes up a lot of time.

I also talked about how this person had wrapped a blanket around them because they had taken off their gown and obviously didn't want to walk to the bathroom naked. About how they could very well have tripped on their blanket and fallen.

I also talked about how earlier in the shift another nurse had given an antihypertensive when they shouldn't have because this person had had hemodialysis that day and the order was to hold the medication on days when they had it - because this person would go hypOtensive because of them both - so who's to say that this person didn't have a syncopal episode because of the previous nurse giving medication when they weren't supposed to?!

So I don't really know where I sit but the hospital person made it sound as though my actions were supported by my coworkers and such. I think she felt bad for how stressed out I was about the whole thing because when we were done she bought me a hot chocolate. She said the results of the investigation and suggestions for improvement should be out within two months. Hopefully it isn't too harsh.

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  1. I'm glad that everyone seems to have your back. It seems like there are many opportunities for the hospital to learn about bed alarms, maybe a new charting system to make it quicker and easier, and hopefully other pearls of wisdom for the hospital higher-ups. I pray the decision is in your favor. It seems like you do well at looking at the positives and that is very encouraging to me. Thank you for sharing your struggles with us!